Kylie Jenner faces prison risk after being stripped of the “billionaire” title.


Prison may be the fate of American model, Kylie Jenner, according to a senior financial fraud lawyer revealed, after a crisis accusing her of falsifying data to obtain the title “billionaire” from “Forbes”.

“The alleged exaggerations can put Kylie Jenner in a world of legal problems,” said the internationally-acclaimed lawyer, Jan Handleslake, who has worked for 5 years as a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles and is currently defending celebrities and major corporations in financial fraud cases. The British Daily Mail.

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Kylie Jenner first response to “Forbes” after withdrawing the title “billionaire” from it

Forbes accuses Kylie Jenner, 22, of falsely filing with her family for the title of “billionaire” in 2019, which was withdrawn from the magazine on Friday.

Handelslick suggested to the “Daily Mail” that the Securities and Exchange Commission may begin to open an informal investigation, then the matter may evolve to be formal in order to give them the power to summon.

He continued: “If the US Department of Justice decides to make this a criminal case and if there is a conviction, this may include imprisonment for any responsible person.”

According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, Kylie Jenner and her mother and business director, Chris Jenner, are currently living in anxiety and fear that the Forbes crisis may put them in trouble with the US government.

The newspaper added that Kylie Jenner is anxious this time to stay away from her mother due to the “Forbes” scandal, and refuses to answer her calls.

“Forbes” said on Friday that Kylie Jenner and her family have created a “network of lies” about the expansion of her business and success in the “business” world.

The magazine pointed out that Kylie Jenner’s current fortune is less than $ 900 million, and that the brand “Kylie Cosmetics” generates less revenue than Jenner claimed before completing the sale.

Last November, Jenner sold 51% of her cosmetic and skin care brand for $ 600 million, earning nearly $ 340 million after paying taxes.

Jenner, the younger sister of supermodel Kim Kardashian, won the title of “Youngest Billionaire” by “Forbes”, in her annual list of top billionaires.

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