Kuwait 19: Saudi death toll rises to 23, 3559 dead


Saudi Arabia: 23 dead in Saudi Arabia There were 1877 newly diagnosed cases. It is a relief that the number of people who have been cured of the disease is increasing in Saudi. 3559 people got sick yesterday. Kovid has killed 23 people in the last 24 hours.

The death toll in the country has reached 503, the health ministry said. With 1877 new cases being diagnosed, the number of Covid casualties in the country increased to 85261. At the same time, the steady increase in the number of people who get cured is a huge relief. Today, 3559 people have been cured.

This has increased the number of people who have contracted the disease to 62442. The highest number of cases were diagnosed yesterday in Jeddah. For 586 persons. Riyadh 504, Makkah 159, Dammam 110, Madinah 95, Hafouf 55 and Al Jubail 50 are among the highest cases in the world.

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