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DODOMA: The African nation of Tanzania says they are beating Kovid. The East African country, where nearly 60 million people live. President John Magufuli claims that Tanzania defeated Kovid through prayer. Did Tanzania really succeed in defending Kovid? No, that’s what’s happening there.

 Weeks after Kovid documents come out!

President John Magufuli says there has been a significant reduction in the number of hospitalized Kovid patients in Tanzania. But the government has not released any data on the number of patients in the last several weeks. John underestimates the corona virus. This is causing concern to neighboring countries and the World Health Organization.

The government has not been releasing information about the coronavirus for weeks. It is alleged that the administration is covering up the extent of Kovid in the country. In Tanzania, the state must be afraid, and doctors and health workers say nothing about the coronavirus. In April, the president abolished the Daily Bulletin, which releases the number and death rate of Kovid patients every day. His invention was that this would make people panic.

The African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged Tanzania to release the country’s Kovid figures. Tanzania released its last coronavirus data on April 29. 480 patients and 21 deaths were recorded in this list. Then on May 8, 29 more cases from Zanzibar, an island occupied by Tanzania, were added to the list. The total number of cases of Tanzania has increased to 509. Until then, there has been no response from the government. There is no indication of how many have been diagnosed or how many have been tested.

എണ്ണം Are there fewer patients? Neighboring countries with concern

John Magufuli has released little information on the number of patients currently receiving treatment at hospitals across the country. He said that the country’s commercial capital, Dar-e-Salam, had a total of 218 people treated in the two largest hospitals, but it has now shrunk to 18. Some other hospitals in the country have said the same. But experts say these figures are not true. The US Embassy in Tanzania has warned in the first week of May that hospitals around the country will be overflowing with Kovid patients in the next few weeks. It is estimated that Tanzanian cities, including Dar es Salaam, are in dire straits. Neighbors are worried about not knowing exactly what’s going on in Tanzania. Tanzanians who arrive in Kenya, Zambia and Uganda are banned from cross-border testing by these countries. Some have even been sent back to Tanzania if the result is positive. Zambia’s Nakonde district, near the southern border of Tanzania, has a high proportion of patients. This is where Zambia has the highest number of Kovid casualties. Goods from Tanzania arrive in the Nakonde district. The same is true of the Kenyan border areas close to Tanzania. Lorry drivers transporting goods from Tanzania will be admitted only after they have been inspected by Kenya. Kenya has returned to Tanzania this month with more than 100 lorry drivers who have shown positive results. Twenty-five people who had recently been diagnosed in Kenya have returned from Tanzania. Kovid confirmed to more than 15 Tanzanian lorry drivers on the Ugandan border.

 Warning early

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) had warned Tanzania of delaying the introduction of preventive controls against the virus. In Tanzania, there were no restrictions on social exclusion and the exclusion of gangs. Tanzania’s president, John Magufuli, has already been criticized for encouraging mass gatherings in places of worship. The first Kovid case was reported in Tanzania on March 16. Even in cities including Dar es Salaam where the highest number of positive cases were reported, the lockdown regulations were not implemented. There have been reports of people being arrested and tracking phone calls criticizing the country’s Kovid defense. John Magufuli says the lockdown regulations are only destroying the economy. The president did not agree to shut down places of worship, bars and restaurants, and criticized lab tests that yielded positive results. The head of the National Laboratory has been suspended for failing to do so. The Minister of Health, John Magufuli, has sacked the Minister of Health with the rise of Kovid cases in the country.

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