Kovid should be completely wiped out; Currency is also placed in the Quarantine in Saudi


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has placed its own currency and quarantine to completely eliminate the Kovid 19 virus. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, the central bank, has decided to seal and isolate currency and coins for 14 to 20 days with the aim of preventing the spread of disease in the face of Kovid’s spread. Banknotes and coins from national and international sources are being isolated as part of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Kovid.

Sam said that with the notes, such as a debit card used for electronic payments, the virus could spread. The time limit for isolating is determined by where the currency and currency comes from.

A special technique is used to ensure that banknotes and coins are secure. Sama said that using special technology, good and bad currency can be extracted.

Currencies and coins that are guaranteed to be secured by such technical means will be distributed to the banks. Experts in the financial sector, however, say that such a precautionary measure will not affect the flow of money in the market.

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