Kovid native dies in Saudi


Malappuram: Kovid, a native of Chelembra in Malappuram, died in Jubilee, Saudi Arabia. Kovid is Pramod Mundani, 40, son of Chelembra Chalipparambu Narayanan and calm couple
Died in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. He was admitted to the Jubail General Hospital after suffering from fever and shortness of breath.

The results of the Kovid test were postoperative and were shifted to the intensive care unit on ventilator. That’s the end of it. Prasad Mundani is in Jubilee as a Mechanical Technician for five years. Wife. Usha.

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At the same time, the district medical officer, Dr Krishnan Nair, warned that people should not be alarmed at the situation. K. Sakina said in a statement. There is also concern about the busy market and the lack of social interference. The DMO has warned against leaving without a mask.

DMO appealed to the people to be more responsible as the disease spreads in the district with the introduction of domestic flights.
District Medical Officer Dr. Krishnan Nair said that the school authorities have the responsibility of disinfecting the schools that are open for examination. K. Sakina said in a statement. There is a tendency to require the services of health workers for sanitation purposes and that this should be avoided, ”he said. K. Sakina clarified.

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