Kovid in remand custody; 32 Policemen Quarantine | Covid | Police


Kovid confirmed on Sunday in the Abkari case. Kovid has confirmed the 40-year-old who was arrested by Venjaramoodu police yesterday. Following this, 20 officers, including the CI at the Venjaramoodu police station, entered the quarantine. The 12 prison officials on duty were also monitored.

The three-member gang was arrested by the Venjaramoodu police on Thursday for driving drunk, committing violence and keeping liquor. One of these is Kovid. The three-wheeler collided with a three-wheeler and struck the policeman. The locals seized the car and handed it over to the police.

All three were remanded on May 22 at the Thiruvananthapuram Special Sub Jail. Covid has confirmed to a man that they were taken before they were taken to jail. Along with him, the other 14 inmates at the jail are also being examined. It is not clear where he got the disease.

English Summary: Remand Culprit Confirmed with Covid in Thiruvananthapuram

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