Kovid for treatment of other ailments; Extreme vigilance in Kannur


Cannanore: .

Kovid is worried about Kovid’s treatment of other ailments Kovid confirmed this to four people, including a resident of Kasargod, who was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a head injury. The health department said that an expert committee has been appointed to investigate these cases separately and there are no indications of community expansion.

A resident of Belur, Kasaragod, who sustained serious injuries to her spinal cord, went to Pariyaram Medical College for treatment five days ago. He had no symptoms of Kovid. Being from Kasargod, the sap was checked as a precaution. Kovid confirmed yesterday.

Kovid confirmed to a resident of Puducherry that she was injured in a motorcycle accident at Peravoor on the 15th of this month and a woman who was shifted to the Kannur district hospital for treatment of pregnancy at 18, from Ayyankunnu Edappuzha tribal colony. It is not yet clear where they came from.

It is unclear how Kovid was confirmed to Dharmadam native and her husband, who were treated at the Kozhikode Medical College following a nervous disorder. The health department said an expert committee has been appointed to investigate all these cases.

Six health workers at Kannur District Hospital and Thalassery General Hospital have already been infected. The Department of Health is investigating how Kovid has spread in both areas. Increasing number of unrelated cases is a major challenge for the health department.

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