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The spread of the coronavirus epidemic continues to cause worldwide concern. More than half a million people globally are battling Kovid 19. More than one million people have already died.

More than 100,000 people have been diagnosed with the disease in India. Of these, 3,867 died. The number of patients has increased in the last few days.

Despite these concerns, the question remains as to which vaccine might be the most effective vaccine against Kovid19. Wonder what the situation in India is like when so many countries are producing and testing the vaccine?

Work on vaccines in India is also progressing. But experts say we are far behind vaccine production in comparison to other countries.

Public and private sector companies are working together on vaccine production in India.

The leading Indian company called ‘Sideus Cadilla’ is focused on the production of two types of vaccines. Companies like ‘Serum Institute’, ‘Biological-E’, ‘Bharat Biotech’, ‘Indian Immunologicals’ and ‘MineWax’ are trying to produce one vaccine each.

The World Health Organization has listed companies like Serum Institute, Sides Cadilla, Indian Immunologicals Ltd and Bharat Biotech as part of the global vaccine-producing world.

Many Indian companies are making efforts to manufacture the vaccine with foreign aid. However, there is no indication the vaccine will be available for the next one year. The vaccine has been discovered and can only be applied to humans after testing it in animals.

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Experts estimate that it will take at least a year to reach the stage of testing in animals. Another group of researchers say that the US and China are at the forefront of vaccine production because those countries were first exposed to the disease, and when India began to deal with the disease, the work on vaccine production has not been delayed.

They also say that there are many talented researchers and research facilities in India today.

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