Kovid 19: Eight killed in Tamil Nadu; 765 new cases confirmed Tamil Nadu | Chennai


Chennai: More than 765 people infected with coronavirus in Tamil Nadu The total number of confirmed cases of the virus so far in the state has reached 16,277. A total of 7839 people are currently infected with the virus. Eight people have died in Tamil Nadu today. The total number of deaths was 111, the Health Department said in a statement.

Of the 587 confirmed cases of the virus on Sunday, the rest are in Chennai. One of the confirmed cases of the virus in the state today is from Dubai. Covid also confirmed 44 people from other states. 39 people from Maharashtra, two from West Bengal and one each from Kerala, Karnataka and Delhi have been confirmed with the virus.

833 patients hospitalized in Tamil Nadu The number of people affected by the disease so far is 8324. A total of 5643 people are currently under suspicion for the virus.

Content Highlights: 765 new COVID 19 cases and eight deaths reported in Tamil Nadu today

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