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Doha: Qatar death toll rises in Qatar The 62-year-old expatriate died today. 1,491 people have been diagnosed with the disease. According to the latest figures, 37097 people have been diagnosed with Qatar so far. Over the past 24 hours, 966 people have become ill. For the third day in a row, more than 500 people get sick in the country. The number of sick people is increasing daily. Today, one person has died and 16 deaths have been reported.

The 62-year-old expatriate died today. The Qatar Health Ministry said he had other medical problems while undergoing treatment at the ICU.

Corona has already cured 6600 people in Qatar. In 24 hours, 4255 people were tested for coronation. The total number of inspections was 1,70,437. There are 30,481 people currently undergoing treatment. Of these, 172 are in critical condition in the ICU.

The ministry asked people with Covid symptoms to contact the helpline number 16,000 or go directly to the Covid Testing Center. The Covid checkpoints are Moutar Health Center, Raudat Al Khail Health Center, Umm Salal Health Center and Al Garafa Health Center.

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