Kovid-19: Closed rooms are dangerous; Researchers with caution | Corona virus | COVID- 19


Worldwide, they are taking precautions to prevent coronavirus infection. After a prolonged lockdown period, offices and shops are now open in many places. Are you one of those people who thinks the windows and doors should be closed to prevent the virus from entering? Researchers, however, cautioned against the possibility of spreading the novel coronavirus even in airtight areas.

Researchers say the virus will last longer in air-conditioned rooms and closed rooms. Proper ventilation facilities should be ensured at home or office.

Proper ventilation should be ensured where more people are coming. Coronavirus is smaller than 100 mn. The virus is mainly transmitted by people who sneeze and cough when infected. In these cases, breathing directly into the secretions can spread the disease.

The spread of the disease is mainly through droplets. It is transmitted when the patient sneezes or coughs and the tiny particles emitted directly into the nose, eyes and mouth. These tiny particles do not stay in the air for long. But it is possible to fall into several surfaces. Particles that reach the surfaces through patients, and others can be directly touched by touching their eyes, nose, and mouth. Coronaviruses, such as those found in sprayed particles, can survive on the surfaces for a few hours to days. It is in this situation that the danger of closed rooms can be considered.

English Summary: COVID-19 of Airborne Transmission of Risk of Lack of Ventilation

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