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The basketball coach does not feel humiliated by Vasil Bozhkov and believes that Nasko Sirakov is the right person for the future of “Levski”

MRF MP Delyan Peevski has helped Levski many times. This was stated by the coach of the basketball “Levski Lukoil” Konstantin Papazov in front of the TV presenter Sasho Dikov, who had a role to hand over the shares of the club to the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov when they were transferred by the businessman Vasil Bozhkov on May 13.

The situation with “Levski” and its possible hypothetical end, while he is in the deadlock of the transfer of shares, a donation appears and this donation helps to postpone the deadlock. Delyan Slavchev Peevski has helped “Levski” many times. years coach of “Levski”, in five of which Delyan Slavchev Peevski gave half the budget, “said during his visit to the show” Eurodicoff “.

Peevski took the stage on May 19, when Levski announced that it had received a donation from him through his company Intrust worth BGN 500,000. Subsequently, it was accepted by the club and caused a sharp reaction and division in the opinion of the fans.
Papazov added that he did not feel uncomfortable and saw no reason to refuse the donation. For years, there have been allegations that Peevski and Borisov stand in the shadow of Levski’s ownership.

The basketball coach explained to BTV that if in the next few days the club fulfills its goal to raise BGN 1.5 million through its fans, the Blues will not be dependent on Peevski’s donation and “then with high foreheads we should go and talk to Mr. Peevski whether together we can send this money to a hospital “.

“Then we can have claims, because a donation in the sense of saving a life,” Papazov added.

Regarding the meeting between him, Nasko Sirakov and the investigator from the National Investigation Service and former member of the SJC Yasen Todorov, Papazov explained that they had asked for a consultation from Todorov, who is a lawyer. The meeting took place before Bozhkov announced on Friday that he would transfer Sirakov’s shares.

“There is no one more suitable than Nasko Sirakov”

Papazov is confident that Bozhkov will keep his promise and through his partner Georgi Popov, who is the formal owner of Levski, will provide the majority stake in Sirakov’s shares. The former footballer has already stated that he is ready to accept them.

Initially, Papazov claimed that Bozhkov, who has 11 charges and has a request for his extradition from the UAE, promised to transfer the shares to his name, but they were later endorsed to the prime minister. The basketball coach said he did not feel humiliated and was “ready to be used on behalf of Levski every day”.

“Unlike many who doubt, I am internally convinced of Mr. Bozhkov’s morale and this was his announcement that there is no way things will not happen,” Papazov said on BTV’s “This Morning” program.

Nasko Sirakov won the electronic vote in


Nasko Sirakov won the electronic vote on Vasil Bozhkov’s Facebook profile and announced his readiness to receive the shares

According to him, with his authority Nasko Sirakov should lead the blue community and the club should use the potential of its fan base.

“There is no one more suitable than Nasko Sirakov. Yes, Nasko Sirakov would be in my team, because undoubtedly first you saw the huge blue love and secondly, because of the high expertise and charisma he has. They are the ones who make him different. Nasko Sirakov it cannot be a second number, it is born to be number one “.

Levski is the first club in the country to show the new management model. The one who should be the model of the future “, added Papazov, according to whom the current model, in which the club is dependent and financed by one person, is exhausted.

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