Konstantin Bajdekov supported Sirakov and commented on the donation of MP Peevski


The long-term executive director of Levski – Konstantin Bajdekov, commented to Topsport the latest events around the club.

Bajdekov testified his unequivocal support for Nasko Sirakov in his request to receive the shares of the club. He also commented on the controversial donation of Delyan Peevski worth BGN 500,000.

Bajdekov believes that if the amount in question was received unconditionally by the other party, then there is no problem, and this money can be extremely important for the club.

For the time being, I avoid commenting in particular until things are clear. The situation is very complicated. I am not in Sofia at the moment, but I have hired people to buy me tickets for Levski’s birthday. As much as I can and my opportunities allow, I join the other initiatives of the club.

Nasko Sirakov’s wish united the “blue” public. I fully support it. We worked together. We have had many successes, we have overcome many problems. I will be happy if he manages to control this process right now, this unclear stock situation. Hopefully it will be resolved as soon as possible.

This search for help and funding from fans cannot go on indefinitely. At the moment, it seems that the problem has been solved to some extent, but in the long run it cannot be done only with the help of the fans.

The donation of Delyan Peevski? Anything at the moment that will help the club get out of this situation and avoid bankruptcy is help. Since no conditions have been set in the beginning who can donate and who can’t, I think that every help is in the name of Levski’s survival. We all need to unite so that Levski can avoid bankruptcy.

I try to really help with what I can. If things are resolved and someone needs my help and experience, I am ready to respond. I have been in Levski for many years and I have gone through many problems“, shared Bajdekov.

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