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Levski legend Emil Velev commented on the situation at the club. The last coach who led the team from “Gerena” to the title, admitted that love is the reason most people go to Levski. Kokala also recalled the 1984/85 season, when Levski and CSKA received a penalty from the state and led to the expulsion from football of a number of iconic figures in Bulgarian football.

“Love leads everyone to Levski. This is the strongest thing. This age-old team does not deserve what is happening to it. Various struggles on the side, etc. The team deserves unity, respect and love. I would advise Sirakov to surround himself with people on those who have confidence. Those who have gone through the club – teenagers, coaches with whom he thinks he will work. ”

“I don’t think it would be bad if he was in charge of an institution like Levski. My sweet moments are many. They are more than the bad ones. I remember 83/84 when we took the three trophies. The euphoria was huge. Then in In 1988 we beat Botev (Vr) with my goal. And then we became champions “, he stated to BNT.

“When we were expelled from football in 84/85. 5 people from Levski, from CSKA the star Stoichkov was also sent away. He was just starting out in football. It was not fair, but these were the moments. If it depends on me and if it is offered, I personally I would accept a proposal from CSKA. But I don’t know how it could happen. I wouldn’t refuse help from anyone. I hope the fans love the team and never leave it, “said Kokala.

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