Kohli mocked and mocked; Keseric Williams explained what happened after the notebook celebration


Mumbai: Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and Wendy’s pacer Keizeric Williams came face to face with the cricket world last year. Kohli celebrated with a note in his notebook after hitting the ball at Williams’ T20 in Hyderabad. The West Indies player was the main reason behind that. Coley gave Williams a similar setback when he was fired in the West Indies in 2017.

The West Indies star is currently talking about the celebration. Williams says the first notebook celebration was a celebration that I loved. The West Indian pacer continued … ” I did my first celebration that day to cheer up the fans. Kohli greeted me with his bowling after the match. But the resentment of such a celebration was on Kohli’s face. But two years later he did not seem to mind.

The rest of it happened in Hyderabad. During the match he told me that the notebook celebration was not going to take place today. Surprisingly, Kohli still remembers what happened two years ago. I yelled at Collie every time I passed him. ‘Brother … bat quietly. I replied, ‘No more than children.’ However, Kohli only heard about the bat. This made Kohli even more angry. I could feel the warmth of Kohli’s bat. I’ve lost control. It affected my performance. You saw that happen later.

On the flight to Thiruvananthapuram the next day, Koli mocked me. But what made it even worse was when the Indian press saw it. But that helped Vashi to a better start in the next match at Trivandrum. “When things go bad, they inspire me to do my best,” he said.

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