Kiril Dinchev admitted that the physical condition of CSKA’s players was not good


The fitness coach of the capital’s grand CSKA Kiril Dinchev admitted that the physical condition of the players was not good after the long break imposed by the pandemic.

The “Reds” train in groups at the base in Pancharevo and gradually get in shape before the resumption of the championship. They will play with the last in the provisional standings Vitosha (Bistritsa) in the first round after the break on June 6 at 21:00.

“The condition of the players was not very good, especially in the first days after the resumption of training, given the long break, given the lack of training and matches, but step by step they began to adapt and enter the condition, and then in purely football form, the training takes place according to the protocol that was given to us.

It is forbidden to play games and the whole process is quite strange and the situation is new for all of us. We try to bring them closer to optimal shape by running in groups, by dribbling with a ball. It is quite difficult, because for a short period we have to make preparations and then there must be rotations in the matches so that we can keep them healthy, “Kiril Dinchev told the Reds’ club website.

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“For the first time we are put in such a situation and a long break”

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