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The history of Malayalam cinema can be described as ‘golden age’ and the eighties are the period when the film was released. The forerunner of the names that marked the period was KG George’s Geevarghese George in Kulakkad. He is 75 years old and a gifted artist.

KG George has always been a cinematographer in the minds of film lovers as he has enriched the stories and storylines of Malayalam cinema. It is also a name given to the fact that cinema is a timeless art. He is the most followed of the newest filmmakers. Lijo Jose Pellissery and Ashik Abu are some of the filmmakers who enrich their cinema with craft.

It is no exaggeration to ask how a film enthusiast who does not know KG George can be an entertainer. If Indian cinema had a place in Indian cinema three decades ago, it owes this great talent. George was forgotten by many when it came to new visions, but not every movie that we see today has the influence of George in its insight.

It is very difficult for a film enthusiast to forget about this artist who has revived his vision and themes through the four decades of cinema. KG George was rewriting the language and grammar that followed Malayalam cinema through his own narrative and visual care. He was one of the new generation of filmmakers who dared to faithfully redesign the face of Malayalam cinema with approach and technique. From the first film released in 1976 to Swapnadanam to the last release, Ilavankodu Desam, you will understand the craftmanship of the director, KG George.

Ramachandra Babu, Bharat Gopi, KG George

One of the unanswered questions as to why he had the courage to do the film Swapnadanam was in 1976. Such was the state of our cinema in the 70s. A hero and heroine, their romance and romance, when it reaches its peak, are essentially four wooden romances with at least one hero and heroine. KG George’s courage to come to Malayalam cinema with a perfect offbeat film like a dream dance, which starts with a permanent film, starts there.

The film, which came out in 1976, is still a novelty to watch. Its dialogue and occasional jokes still appeal to the audience. Swapnadam won the State Film Award for Best Film of the year and the National Award for Best Malayalam Film. The film was a dream film.

The theme variety in KG George’s film should be noted. He is a director who never repeats himself. Some of the films he has done since his dream leave have gone unnoticed. One of those is Wisdom (1977). It is through this film that Ilayaraja made his debut in Malayalam. However, Padmarajan’s screenplay was the only one of KG George’s film ‘Rappadiyal Gatha’.

‘Inkadal’ is the first campus film in Malayalam cinema, ‘Panchavadipaal’ is the best satirical comedy film in Malayalam cinema, Best crime film in Malayalam is ‘Yavanika’, Best psychological thriller in Malayalam movie ‘Vikalasam’ Adam’s ribs’ The majority of the films that were directed so far remain the best of Malayalam cinema.

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