Kaveri’s old interview went viral again! Did Divya Unni seize Cauvery’s opportunity? Back in the day, frankly, it went viral again!



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Kaveri was one of the leading stars of Malayalam cinema. Kaveri started as a child artist. She was active not only in Malayalam but also in other languages. The song Kannamthumbi Poromo and the face of Kaveri still fill the minds of Malayalees. The actress, who later became the heroine of the film, was a child star. Despite receiving a welcome from foreign languages, the actor could not shine in Malayalam. The star had previously revealed the reasons behind it.

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Kaveri made her acting debut in the movie Udayanapalanka. Earlier, director Rajasenan called and told the story of the film. He was talking about the movie that had Jayaram as the hero. Advance payments were also made for the film. But it was Divya Unni who later got the role. I knew about this when I came to act. It was a very sad event.

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Later, he had a similar experience in the color palette. Divya Unni was the heroine of that movie too. Kaveri also said that he was considered for Dileep’s movie Chandranudukunna Dikkil. That costume was also lost. In that way, she lost her role in many films.


He didn’t have people to do PRO work for. All the heroines who were in the movie at the time had this thing. Without it, many roles were lost. Cauvery says he has no complaints about this.

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Kaveri made her own life partner from the cinema world. Cauvery is married to Telugu filmmaker Suriya Kiran. The actor took a break from acting after his marriage. There have also been reports that the star is returning after a long hiatus. Kaveri is now trying to prove her excellence in her husband’s role as a heroine.

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