Karachi Hospital violence: Kovid’s dead body not released Conflict in the hospital – a covid 19 positive patient of the handcuffing body in violence in Karachi hospital


KARACHI: A deadly body of a Kovid-19 victim died at a hospital here on Thursday. The incident took place at Dr Ruth Fo Civil Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan.

A patient diagnosed with coronavirus died in hospital on Friday. The patient died on admission to the hospital early Friday morning. His Kovid test came after his death.Also Read: Death toll in Latin America crosses 100,000 mark

The patient’s relatives refused to accept the results of the Covid-19 test. Relatives allege that he was not sick and the doctors declared him positive without taking a test.

At 10 pm, a group of 70 people rushed to the hospital and created a tense situation. Doctors at the hospital say the body was forcibly taken away. Kovid confirmed that the body could be delivered only following protocol and was kept in the hospital. However, relatives who refused Kovid’s results came to mass and took the body.

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Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Krishnan Nair said the doctors had only complied with the government-mandated guidelines for handling the body of those who died of coronavirus. Qadim Hussain Qureshi said. We are government employees. It is our duty to follow the directives of the Government. Only that – Dr. Qadim Hussain said.

Hussein said the patient was admitted to the hospital with heart problems on suspicion of Kovid infection. But the patient died before the test came out.

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