Kalin Sarmenov’s son-in-law became a pub owner


22 May 2020, Friday, 19:38

Author: Flagman.BGSasho Iliev took a restaurant in Lozenets

The son-in-law of the actor Kalin Sarmenov – Sasho Iliev, will become a bartender. He has rented a restaurant in the seaside resort of Lozenets for the upcoming sea season and is now even tightening the room for a recent opening. The room in question has a beautiful view of the sea and is located above the famous nightclub Hacienda beach. According to acquaintances, the restaurant will offer mainly delicacies and seafood.

Miloto’s son-in-law and daughter rely on their clients to be mostly from the art world, as most of them even own properties in Lozenets or the region. Iliev has experience in the restaurant business, as he and his father Petkan Iliev run one of the busiest restaurants in the center of the capital. The resort has already commented that this year Kalin Sarmenov will most likely choose Lozenets for his vacation to be close to his daughter, who is expecting her first child.

Daria and her husband will become parents in the middle of summer, but so far they have not revealed the gender of their first child. At the beginning of the year, the two moved into a new, larger apartment and will soon renovate the children’s room, writes Telegraph.

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