Kadaster charged citizens with excessive rates Money


The service charged higher prices for services to finance other matters. However, that is against government budgetary rules.

At the beginning of this year, Kadaster’s services became 5% more expensive. Of this, 3% was an inflation correction, 2% an “overall increase”. The reason for this is not explained. The rate to request information about a house online rose by more than 13%, to € 2.95.

Price increase

According to the Court of Audit, the price increases were not necessary at all, because the service raised enough money to actually lower prices. The service has greater equity than prescribed.

84% of the service is financed from the tariffs for services, the rest from the national budget and a small part from earnings from secondary activities. The Land Registry may not use the payments from citizens and companies for matters that must be paid from national funds, and this has happened. The rates for citizens and companies may at most be cost effective.

Due to the shortage on the labor market, Kadaster has had to hire many external workers in the past three years. That has cost the government service a lot of money.

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