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KuKG George alias Geevarghese George is one of the most famous film makers in the world. Cinema is generally known as the art of the director. He is the director of the film. If that is the case, then there is no question that the Malayalam cinema does not have as many heroes as KG George. Claims and controversial statements are not stardom, but his films are examples of this.

Born in Thiruvalla, George attended the Film and Television Institute of Pune, where he studied film and graduated with a gold medal. Subsequently, his return to Kerala was an opportunity for him to collaborate with Master Director Ramu Karyat. George has written the screenplay for the classic film Nell, which was released in 1970. He was also the assistant director of Kariyat and later became associate director in the film ‘Maya’.

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‘Swapnadanam’, released in 1975, was KG George’s first free enterprise. The film, which is part of a psycho-drama featuring the central character of the late pretender Rani Chandra, was a spectacular take on the cinema genre. George was recognized as one of the spokespersons of Malayalam medieval cinema with the critical success of ‘Swapnadanam’ which won the National Award for Best Malayalam Film of the Year.George’s third film ‘Rappadiyal Gatha’ is his most debated film. But Padmarajan’s screenplay is one of George’s best. Gatha, a girl trying to find happiness in drugs and music, was a vivid portrait of her youth.

The period from 1979 to 1985 was one of the greatest films of KG George’s career. The first of these was the ‘Bay of Cinema’ which could be called the Campus Cinema. Venkata Nagavalli and Shobha were the main characters in the film ‘Inkadal’ which made him one of the best directors in Malayalam. When Bharathan, Padmarajan and Mohan joined George in the 80s with different themes and style, it became the springboard for Malayalam parallel cinema.

‘Mela’, starring Mammootty in the lead role, and ‘Kolangal’ based on PJ Antony’s short story ‘Oru village soul’, were films that made George better.

The best horror film in Malayalam is still the answer to a good filmmaker. The story of the disappearance of Tabalist Ayyappan in the context of the play is still being debated as a cult classic of Yavanika, the masterpiece of George.

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Director KG George received criticism when he discussed the life of late actress Shobha in the film ‘Lekha’s Death is a Flashback’. George’s Panchavadipalam is considered as the best satirical comedy in Malayalam. The film, which criticizes politics in relation to the construction of a bridge, is a picture of the Malayalee community.

The story of ‘Adam’s rib’ is the story of three different women. The film, which is undoubtedly George’s feminine film, will never be forgotten by anyone who watched the film.

Another mystery thriller, KG George, was released in 1985. He did films like ‘Kathakal Pinnil’, ‘Oru Ellakkal’, ‘The End of a Journeys’ and ‘Ee Kanni Koodu’ and came back after a period of time with ‘Ilavankodu Desam’.

KG George, who became the life partner of filmmaker Salma George in 1977, is now living away from the hustle and bustle of cinema.

George, who won several national and state awards, also received the JC Daniel Award, Kerala’s highest film award in 2016, but it is doubtful whether the present generation knows KG George properly. George’s films, which are timeless and often pre-eminent, are always a textbook for film students. The list of the greatest directors of all time in Malayalam is sure to be in the top three. Happy Birthday to Brilliant Craftsman of Malayalam, one of the greatest proponents of Parallel Cinema, which brought about revolutionary changes in cinema.

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