Just sitting in the house and not boring … | Just sitting in the house and not boring …


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Nazriya is a heroine who made her debut as a child artist. After her marriage to actor Fahad Fazil, Nazriya took a brief break from acting and later came back with Anjali Menon’s film ‘Agoo’. Nazriya’s latest film is Trance, starring husband Fahad. After her marriage to Fahad in 2014, Nazriya has starred in just two films over the past six years, but she still has no fortune.

Asked why the audience has been asking for so long and why they are not making films in succession, Nasriya replied with her own innocent laughter. Never, truth be told, Nazriya said it was good fun to just sit there.
After her marriage to Fahad, we both took a year off from the movie. Did a lot of traveling. Later, I was in the rush of setting up our house. In the meantime I was doing what all the normal girls do. It was Fahad who encouraged me to act again. Fahad was skeptical that Fahad would be mistaken if I did not act or do romantic roles.
If the good stories come, they will continue to act. But when I hear the story, I have to get a feel. I make my decision by trusting that feeling. Sometimes the next four years I will be acting again. There is no rush, the movie is not just for the sake of money and fame. “It’s not just me and everyone else acting that way,” Nazriya said.

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