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Seoul: A football club has been fined millions of dollars for replacing spectators in a closed stadium. FC Korba during South Korea’s K League match Seoul has put sex dollars on seats to add fat to the game. The FC was in the K League match against Gwangju on 71st. The Seoul controversy. The decision was taken to hold a stadium stadium for fear of the spread of the Kovid-19 virus. Instead of the usual dolls, sex dollars were lined up. Some were wearing placards while some were wearing the Dollars jersey. Some of the dolls have been named after the sex companies. Club officials have publicly apologized for allegedly insulting women. Those who watched the match on television recognized that the stadium had sex dollars.


The league organizers are making $ 82,000 (approx. Rs. 62 lakhs) for the FC. Seoul has been fined. The fine was for the offense of abolishing the K League name. Moreover, ads in sexual orientation are also banned in the K League. FC apologizes publicly Seoul said they were mistaken.


The agency was contracted to make dolls. At first glance they were thought to be ordinary dolls. It was only after the competition began that they were recognized as sex dollars. The club also said it would not appeal against the fine.


Seoul has also called for an investigation against the agency. There are many ways clubs can avoid the excitement when competing in closed stadiums. In the Bundes League in Germany, Borussia Monchegblashklach replaced the cutouts of the Blues. The action was taken by paying them a fixed fee.


Fans can install their own pictures at Borussia Dortmund’s Park Stadium for just യൂറോ 19. Some clubs even went on to record live audiences’ sounds and shouts to get fans excited about the match.


Rules football in Australia will take place next month and fans will be able to watch the match live. The adoption of the Taiwanese baseball league was another way to keep the momentum going. Instead of spectators, they put up robots in the stadium.


The robots were instructed to beat the drums and shout for each run. Organizers painted human figures in jerseys.


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