jeethu joseph about drishyam 2 | Jeetu Joseph, openly speaking, was opposed to the preparation of the second part


The movie is directed by Jeethu Joseph, starring Mohanlal. The movie was a super hit in Malayalam and was a huge hit in other languages ​​too. The second part of the scene is expected to cheer fans up. It was officially announced that the second part of the scene will be released by the title video of Mohanlal’s birthday yesterday.

Part 2 Jeethu Joseph opens his mind about the movie while the audience is waiting. ” It is not known if a film can be made in such a way that it transcends the vision. The mind has been with this idea for four or five years but it has to go with it. A lot of people inquired about the second part.

Two huge production houses in Mumbai came to me with the same demand. Anthony Perumbavoor and Mohanlal also supported. I wrote a first draft. When he told Mohanlal he was asked to go ahead. But I was worried about the success of this project. In the first weeks of the lockdown, when there was nothing left to do, I began to rewrite that old draft, first with the scene order and then with the complete script. That’s when I got my faith in the film. And sent it to Lalaton.

The aftermath was quick. Even my family members were against this idea in the first place. Close friends had warned her not to do this from scratch. Then I gave this draft to them, including my family, and realized the possibility of a good family drama. After watching the final script, they were completely convinced of the film. “This will be a good family film,” Jeethu said in an interview to a leading media outlet.


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