Iyad al Hallak, George Floyd: Israeli protests against police racism | Protesters gather in police racism against Tel Aviv


Jerusalem: Protests in the United States and Israel Against Police Violence are on the rise. Many people staged a protest in Tel Aviv on Saturday night.

In Jerusalem and Minneapolis, people have taken to the streets with posters claiming that racism is killing people. The Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday morning that they were protesting against the killing of Palestinian citizen Iyad al-Hallak and George Floyd in Minneapolis on Saturday morning.

Iyad al-Hallach killed by Israeli police in Jerusalem, George Floyd killed by police in the US

Centers for Racism Vic Timms office bearers urged to stop killing people in the name of color. The policy of prejudice and killing of Arabs, Ethiopians and blacks must be stopped. “We are targeting Israel’s minorities in general and the Arab community in particular, the police, the security forces and the armed forces,” Sener alleged.

Israeli police shot and killed the unarmed and heterosexual Iyad al-Hallaq. The 32-year-old was an employee of the Old City Special School. He was killed in the Old City of East Jerusalem. The police thought that Hallach had a gun-like weapon. However, a police spokesperson later revealed that the weapon was not found.

Demonstration in Tel Aviv against police racial violence

The murder of black man George Floyd is literally taking America away. Floyd was choked by the police while people were watching. The nationwide agitation continues for the fifth consecutive day in the United States. Police and protesters clashed on several occasions. National Guard forces have been deployed in various cities to fight the protesters.

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