Ivan Ivanov: The recovery of CSKA was possible, but it was not wanted


The best football player in Bulgaria for 2013 Ivan Ivanov commented on the current topic of the merger of CSKA and CSKA 1948. The defender, who is a former football player of the “reds”, is of the opinion that recovery of the bankrupt company in 2016 was possible.

“There will be no unification, now or in the near future. The situation is unpleasant. The recovery of CSKA was possible, but not wanted. In CSKA was a hasty job, someone did not care to fix the buckets of another,” said Russia.

“Fans can’t rule – to get confused, to ask the president what happens, it’s not serious,” the former defender told Diema.

CSKA scored two unanswered goals by Botev (Vratsa), juniors of the “Army” got a chance to perform

This was one of the two important rehearsals for the citizens of Sofia before the decisive battles with Botev (Plovdiv)

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