Italy has reported 531 new cases of coronavirus infection in 24 hours


PHOTO: Reuters

The number of new cases of coronavirus infection in Italy in the last 24 hours is only 531, half of them from the northern province of Lombardy, the most severely affected in the country, the Associated Press and Reuters reported.

The death toll from the coronavirus has risen by only 50 in the last day, but for technical reasons it does not include those who died in Lombardy. Thus, the total number of confirmed deaths due to the coronavirus reached 32,785. Thus, the country remains in third place in the number of deaths, after the United States and Britain, reports BTA.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Italy is 229,858. The country ranks sixth in the world in the number of cases, after the United States, Russia, Spain, Britain and Brazil.

56,594 patients are still carriers of the virus, of which 553 are in the intensive care unit.

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