‘It is unclear who pays for the costs of unused emergency hospital Ahoy’


The question is who will pay for the emergency hospital in Ahoy that has been built to accommodate patients during the corona crisis. Construction was not supported by health care institutions in the region and therefore health insurers do not want to pay for it.

In addition to the emergency hospital in Ahoy, the costs of daycare in the MECC in Maastricht are currently not paid. In total, this concerns an amount of 14 million euros.

This is evident from research by journalism platform Investico in collaboration with Trouw, De Limburger and Rotterdam magazine Vers Beton.


In both emergency hospitals, no patient was ultimately located, but when they were founded, the pressure on hospitals increased enormously: the number of corona patients grew rapidly in March and action had to be taken quickly.

According to Investico, Rotterdam advanced 9 million euros. It was also decided to build the emergency hospitals without the support of the consultative body Roaz, the Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain. That while health insurers on March 17 had made it a condition that it had to give Roaz its approval.

Health insurers are critical of the choice of both locations, Investico says. For example, Zilveren Kruis, the largest insurer in the Rotterdam region, argued for additional places with existing healthcare providers.

Now that the pressure on the hospitals is decreasing and the extra beds do not seem to be necessary, the emergency hospitals are dismantled.

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