It has been Marathon since the age of 18, the first to stay home for so long; Rashika Mandana


CoThe shooting of films was halted due to the spread of vid. Many people spend so long in homes that they are only years away. Many people are spending too much money on it. The celebrities are sharing the details of the house with their fans. Now the hit on social media is the words of South Indian beauty Rashika Mandana. The star says her life has been a marathon since she was 18 years old.

Reshmi said she has been home for a long time. Lockdown has been home for more than two months. Mom, Dad, and Sister were with everything. The star said it was his happiest place ever. The star made her way through instagram.

‘Ever since the age of eighteen, life has been like a marathon. Something like that never ends. When you think of the end line, you have to start the house. I’m not complaining, this is exactly what I wanted. I have never been in an intimate house for so long. I stayed in the hostel from school to high school. I think I was a rebel at that time because my parents were very strict. There are days when mothers are on set when filming. He also spends some time with his father. The sister always tries to be with her all the time. The current lockdown has been on the home for more than two months. The important thing is that it is a time when everyone cares about me, not to talk about work. They gave me the strength to handle everything. This is my happy place. Never thought that you could stay at home so calmly and happily. If you can come home from work after a long time and be happy, you are in luck. ” – Reduced rash.

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