“It always felt like you should hear it,” Samvrita shared with her husband


ThActress Samvrutha Sunil shows that her husband is also a good artist. The husband shared the video via instagram video. The actor shared the video of Akhil playing the piano. The post was accompanied by a note stating that he often felt the need to share the video of his playing the piano, but circumstances did not permit it.

“It has always been felt that he should share a video of himself playing the piano. But never. It was not easy to film such a video for a child and a newborn. But it is finally done. Eid Mubarak, ”commented Samvrta.

Several comments have come in praise of Akhil. She is currently living in the US with her husband and children. Biju Menon made his comeback with the film ‘Believe It or Not’, in which he is away from the film. After that, the star is expecting her second child. Samvrutha got married to Akhil Jayaraj from Kozhikode in 2012.

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