Is this the end? Something terrible happened to Slavi Trifonov and 7 …


Slavi Trifonov has started saving from shows on 7/8 TV. The first show to fall under the knife is “Actors’ Night.” It was also the first thing the team stopped working on after declaring a state of emergency in our country in March. The break was supposed to be temporary, but it turned out to be permanent.

A few days ago, Slavi himself announced on the air of the 7/8 TV he had created that “Actors’ Evening” had been removed from the program. Instead, he will include in “Slavi Trifonov’s Evening Show” a section with sketches of his actors – equivalent to the Actors’ Night from the show he was doing on BTV. It will be broadcast every Monday and will last about half an hour. Long did not give detailed explanations for the reasons for this reform. However, they are considered to be mainly economic.

“Actors’ Night” was too expensive for him, because in addition to Krasi Radkov, Ivo Siromahov and Marian Bachev, it also featured supporting, lesser-known actors, who also received royalties, although they contributed almost nothing to the show’s rating. . In addition, guest stars such as Crisco, Fiki and Tony Storaro, Jana Bergendorf and others took part in each edition, which also requires additional payment. Last but not least, inventing sketches for an entire show turned out to be a very difficult task for Slavi’s screenwriters. They often failed to do well enough with this obligation, resulting in the show being rather dull and boring, and the jokes in it flat, instead of funny.

Instead of continuing with this grief, Slavi made the wise decision to part with the show. The last show was broadcast on March 16. Then, in its place on Monday night, reruns began to take place, and now they are dropped from the program. In place of “Actors’ Night” comes the journalistic show “Studio Ha”. The humor stays for later – from 9 pm on Monday. It is already in the hands of Dimitar Tudjarov-Shkumbata. The elderly comedian has signed a contract with Dalgi’s television, where he will make his own show. He is expected to be not only the main performer in it, but also the main author of the sketches and jokes – something with which he earns his living all his life. On the one hand, this will bring a different accent to the style of television, known to the pain since the time of Slavi on BTV. On the other hand, he will unload, at least in part, Dalgi’s script team, tasked with doing his entire program five days a week. Shkumbata has been a guest on BTV’s “Show of Fame” several times. During one of these visits, Dalgi shared that he had often heard the term “showman”. He didn’t know if he could really be called that, but he knew a real showman, and that was Shkumbata. Proof that he really believes in Tudjarov’s qualities is the invitation to appear on 7/8 TV.

Meanwhile, the number of people working for Slavi is starting to decrease. For example, only three people remain from the team that takes care of the guests in his shows. There were five at the time of the “Show of Fame”. It is not clear whether the two who no longer work at 7/8 TV have been laid off or left voluntarily. But it is clear to her that Trifonov, at least for now, does not intend to give up his media project, but continues to develop it despite the difficulties. He has already resumed one of the programs stopped during the crown crisis – “The Evening of” Ku-Ku Band “hosted by Kamen Vodenicharov. Make a culinary show. For now, however, he does not make plans for news programs, because they are too expensive, Weekend writes.

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