Is this the end? How much Megan collects when she divorces Harry


A sensitive financial issue has been circulating recently about the marital financial and domestic troubles related to Harry and Megan’s life in the United States – what and how much the American will receive if she divorces the prince. As is well known, a large part of the wealth of the royal family is owned by the institution and cannot be calculated as assets in the divorce.

And in the case of divorce in England, the rules are quite different from those in divorce in the United States, where property is divided equally between future ex-spouses. Moreover, prenuptial agreements in the kingdom have no legal status, only information.

Maybe that’s why Harry pretended to be so noble and generous, saying he believed in their eternal love for Megan and didn’t need documents to regulate her. Megan herself, of course, insured herself by immediately giving birth to Archie, the legal heir to the crown, though number 7 in the queue for the throne.

However, recall that Diana received 22, 5 million dollars after officially divorcing Prince Charles, writes standartnews. But the dynasty has gone “thin” after its total assets are estimated at $ 88 billion.

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