Is there a connection between cigarettes and COVID-19?


Smoking does not help protect against the virus, the BBC explains in its article on dispelling myths.

“Smoking as a protection against the coronavirus is a statement that continues to be repeated and spread. What smokers would like to be true is not true,” the paper said. There is no evidence that smokers are less likely to be at risk from Covid-19, despite a number of conflicting scientific claims and newspaper articles. For example, in a story shared tens of thousands of times, UK Mail Online explains that “there is more evidence that smoking can reduce the risk of coronavirus.”

The article claims that studies from a number of countries show that smokers are less common among patients with Covid-19 who end up in hospital than expected. It added that experts were vying to explain the link between cigarettes and the virus. A study from a leading French hospital suggests that nicotine may stop the spread of Covid-19 infection.

Studies continue to test the effects of nicotine patches and nicotine replacement therapies on the coronavirus. However, the WHO is adamant: “There is currently insufficient information to confirm any link between tobacco or nicotine in the prevention or treatment of Covid-19.”

The World Health Organization adds that smokers are even more vulnerable to developing a serious clinical picture of the coronavirus due to other health problems associated with smoking. There is also clear medical advice that people who smoke should quit during the current pandemic, as this could increase their chances of severe lung disease.


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