Is the coronavirus a weapon made by China and the US to exterminate the African people?


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 The coronavirus was created by the US and China to wipe Africans off their face. Thousands of posts appearing on social media say that this was revealed by French microbiologist Didier Rouault. What’s the point of this campaign?

Propaganda is as follows

Didier Roult says the coronavirus was created by the US and China. About 30 million people will die in Africa by the end of the Kovid outbreak. These are the lines of a Facebook post that has been shared more than 19,000 times. The US and China have set up huge labs with Bill Gates to destroy Africa, the Post says. It must be remembered that the post appeared on May 12th.

Meanwhile, the post, which appeared in French, has been shared 165,000 times. But it was later removed from Facebook. Below is the archive of the post …

The fact is

But, like all the coroner’s conspiracy theories, this propaganda has no evidence. There is no evidence that Didier Rouault made such a statement.

Object Verification Method

The fact-checking wing of the news agency AFP has unleashed a campaign against Didier Rouault. His office told AFP that Didier Rouault had never said that China and the United States were behind the coronavirus and that it was a biological weapon aimed at Africa.


The coronavirus campaign, which was invented by the US and China in a lab to eliminate Africans, has proved to be fake. The scientific world believes that the corona is a natural creation. There have been many conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus.

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