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The official announcement of the scene was made on the occasion of Mohanlal’s birthday. It was also revealed that Mohanlal will be acting in the movie directed by Jeethu Joseph himself. Shyam Varkala has come up with a note called ‘Some Visions.

‘Isn’t it Georgette? Rani (Meena) opened the door and she remembered seeing him somewhere. Come on in, there is. Rani can remember me. I can see, but not in this column

Call me George. Rani glanced at him once more. The right leg has a few bruises and the right hand is bruised below the knee. Long bruise on forehead. The right eyelid is half closed. His eyes are red and troubled. Gray hairs into baldness. Georgette came down to sit in the chair and sat down in his chair. And the Queen. He tried to get up, but Georgette stopped him and looked at him with the opposite chair. Where’s George …

‘Don’t forget me, Georgette. The year is ten and twenty, and I’m in the loop .. ‘

He laughed and looked at the queen. Rani came to Georgette trying to laugh. Georgette leaned forward from the chair and looked at him. There was a tremor in the body. Yes, this is him! Sahadeva laughed out loud.

I know Georgette will remember. I’d like a cup of tea. Sahadeva looked at the Queen.

The queen is frozen to look at him. Rani, I am not in trouble. Sahadeva looked at them both with a calm face. Rani stepped in, trying to make her laugh. Georgette leaned back in the chair, trying to hide the shock and naturally laugh. Saripo … It’s all about you … I can’t believe it. ‘ Georgette was staring at his fellow god. How much to paint the image of a fellow deity in mind

Try and match the front shape. He was so changed.

Drishyam 1

This column is good for a figure. Did you know that the old fellow is not very good? Sahadeva laughed and looked to her right hand which was half broken. A case has come up ..

But after the conviction, Pillar entered the house and worked. This hand was cut off and nothing left on its face. Rani extended her tea to Sahadeva.

Sahadeva smiled and brought her tea.

That was the case then. The work is gone. I thought I would be with you in uniform. Having a daughter was fabricated. Autodivira. Kavalappara in Malappuram.

My wife and I had a good time together in a box there. Sighing, he drank the tea in the glass alone.

‘There it is … roller pot, Georgette halved. Sahadeva sighed and said ‘yes’. Hmmm … my wife’s gone ….

And my mole … that’s not a late granddaughter for us ….!

God forbid, me, the rest of the people. We need someone to cry for the dead. Georgette could not believe his fellow crying in front of him.

Is this the fellow god …! This old man does not have even a single strand of old God in his presence. Georgette looked at the queen, not knowing what to say. The Queen is a total sweatshirt.

Come on, I am not here to tell my story, but to break my nose.

Isn’t that old case … Varun Prabhakar … Tell me about it. I’m not here to put you in trouble again.

Something Georgette would have to tell me. Sahadeva spoke very calmly. Georgette looked at the fellow with a low grin.

There were fears in the Queen’s missions. Ishwar … after so many years … again .. ‘

The day before I came here for evidence, Varun’s father had asked me to meet him and we met in front of the new station. Nothing more than that the person against George Kutty should not be diverted for the sake of rivalry, to request that the investigation be properly conducted and his son found!

Drishyam 2

Scenario 2 Mohanlal’s Next Movie | Filmibeat Malayalam

Rooney, Varun’s pet, was in his car at the time. Rooney jumped out of the car while we were talking. Can’t stop searching because it’s night …

I told Sar that I could search and find her in the morning and go home. Do you remember anything? Georgette.! .. Do you remember that dog? Georgette then realized the old policeman’s bravery in fellow gods.

‘Say it all. Sorrel was there ..

If you ask me, I don’t know a dog. ”

Georgette laughed and looked at the queen. Rani nodded and nodded. After a while, Georgette will tell her that it’s not right. Now let me tell you a story that I have chosen. GEORGEUTO

Someone has killed Varun. Whether you agree or not, that’s the truth …

Varun’s body is buried here.

But on the eve of his testimony, Georgjutti removed the body. George and I were busy burying Varun inside while I and Varun’s father were talking in front of the new station. Georgette may have seen us. Maybe not. I’m not sure. Georgette now knows that Varun’s pet dog had jumped at the time.

Drishyam 3

To be precise, the SI is sitting on the cover of Varun’s body, hiding … Do you need to go through each story and admit it, you have to go. When you found out who you were, you had to let it go. You’ve hurt us so much.

… ‘

Sahadeva laughed. Even when the case was on the brink, Georgjutti was not so angry. Didn’t I tell you I didn’t hurt you …

Georgette knows that if I tell the people I know what I’m talking about right now, they’ll mess it up. If I have a grudge against you, shouldn’t I be the first to do it? ‘

Georgie and Rani sat on the settee looking at each other. After all these years, I know how. In that case, the whole case was in favor of Georgette by digging a cow instead of Varun’s body. I’ve got to relocate. Two weeks later, when I arrived at our new police station to file a case with SI Sar, I met Rooney. Varun’s Pet I mentioned earlier. Two weeks ago

Someone harassed it and the workers there had tied it to the drug.

When I arrive at the station, I see two constables releasing Rooney with a lathi from under the table where the SI is sitting. I still remember the constable saying that no matter how ugly the dog would lie under that table again. I called Varun’s father and told him about Rooney. The missing son is yet to be found.

Did you find his puppy? Are you ashamed to call it .. ‘This is the response. Then I left it.’

Sahadevan looked at Georgiot

He bowed his head and looked to the ground. Rani looked up at her husband and Georgette in dismay, holding George in her arms.

Sahadeva continued. When GeorgeJooty buried Varun in police station, Rooney smelled Varun from inside the car.

From the. He may have shouted and tried to attack Georgette. Then you may come and fear the pit

George Rooney smashed Rooney with a pickaxe or a stick in his hand … for killing … but Rooney escaped .. This is the truth …

Now if you dig a pit at Rajakkad station, you will get Varun’s skeleton. Isn’t that the truth … ‘

Drishyam 4

Georgette said nothing. The queen is shocked. She pressed Georgette’s hand. You had something to do with Varun that could ruin your family …

You firmly believe that he does not deserve anything less than death … and that is why you have fought so much. At least Varun’s guilt at Georgetown’s death, even if it wasn’t Georgetown


GEORGEOOTTY accused of wife and daughter going to jail ..!

The only reason for Varun’s death … is that you only know … I don’t know …

I was relieved that my conclusions were correct … ‘

Sahadeva rose slowly. I ‘m not bothering you yet …’ Georgette didn’t move. Georgette got up. Sahadevan laughed and looked at Georgette. Just when I thought I wasn’t here, my fellow god started walking away. How did you come to understand the truth? I never even told my wife …

The fellow stood and smiled without looking back. We rolled over a hill in a fog and fell on top of a few people.

There was not even a single sign of the house. My Sulu..Soluchana … Daughter..Perakutty. And a few more …

All were buried alive. Sahadeva for a while

He closed his eyes and remained silent. I had a pet dog.

Somehow she managed to escape. When I and Marumon Chekan came running away, the house became a sign of the house

She was crying loudly and stared at her fellow goddess.

Mollykutty did not stay there for days. I have a mole

Varun told me where he was … He showed me the truth that only Georgette knew. Now you know …

GEORGEOTTE .. Forgive the mole. Sahadevan wiped his eyes and walked forward. Georgette watched as the old Sahadevan police walked by.

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