Iraq is deploying an army to detect people infected with corona inside their homes


Dr. Wissam Hussein Al-Tamimi, Director of the Health Centers Division of the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment, revealed an expanded plan led by a white army, to detect those infected with the coronavirus, which causes the “Covid 19” epidemic.

In a special statement to “Sputnik” correspondent in Iraq, Al-Tamimi said that effective field survey teams have spread to all areas of the capital, Baghdad, especially on the Rusafa side that records the largest number of Corona virus infections, as well as throughout the country.

                    AFP 2020 / HAIDAR HAMDANI

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He added, that the teams focused in their field work on the epidemiological areas that recorded many cases of HIV infection, by moving from house to house according to the epidemiological map.

And between Al-Tamimi, the field survey teams worked as follows: If a virus was recorded in a house, we will follow the victim to where he went in the past days, the markets he visited, and the neighbors, and we conduct tests for them that are of two types: the first is fast, its results appear within 10 minutes and it is It does not give the result 100% accurate, but it is possible after the positive result appears, we take the smears for the purpose of conducting assertive opportunities on them.

Al-Tamimi pointed out that field surveys and effective epidemiological investigations are accompanied by an awareness effort to convey messages to people and monitor unhealthy phenomena such as gatherings, public markets and sterilization.

The director of the health centers division affiliated to the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment confirmed that the survey teams are intensifying their efforts during the current week, benefiting from the days of the embargo and the lack of movement in the streets, noting that their work continues from the days of Ramadan, even on the feast and past days.

The Supreme Committee for Health and Safety announced, after a meeting held yesterday, Saturday, headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and with the participation of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell Committee, a number of decisions, including the extension of the curfew on all of Iraq for a period of one week, starting on Sunday, May 31.

Also, a member of the National Health and Safety Committee, head of border outlets, Omar Al-Waeli, revealed in a statement seen by “Sputnik” yesterday, a decision to stop the trips of Iraqi expatriates for one week for the purpose of re-preparing the medical supplies necessary for their examination, and that there are deterrent measures against violators of the ban. And the right of gatherings that are considered to be the causes of the spread of the epidemic and the escalation of the number of those infected with it. “

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