Iranian politician: The new ISIS is one hundred percent American


“The new ISIS is one hundred percent American,” Mohsen Rezaei was quoted as saying by Sputnik. ISIS used to be American, but the Americans managed ISIS through a series of special people. For example, five or six ISIS leaders were in control, but the newly formed ISIS is completely American, and the Americans want ISIS in an area between Syria and Iraq, from the vicinity of Ain al-Assad to the Syrian border. They train and organize and use them for terrorist acts in Syria and Iraq. And somehow they will rebuild their military and prestige failures, which, of course, will fail again, as they did with the previous ISIS. It is one of those days when ISIS came to power. In the first ISIS, of course, the Israelis had more influence than the Americans. There are Israelis in ISIS, but the Americans and the CIA are in charge.

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