International Alliance: neutralizes two leaders of the terrorist organization ISIS in Syria


The international coalition against the terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia) announced on Friday that two leaders of the terrorist organization were killed after a joint operation with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in Deir Ezzor, eastern Syria.

Moscow – Sputnik. In a statement, the coalition said: “On May 17, the Syrian Democratic Forces raided an ISIS position in Deir Ezzor Governorate, and during the operation, two ISIS commanders, Ahmed Issa Ismail Al-Zawy and Ahmed Abd Muhammad Hassan al-Jujifi, were killed during the operation.

85 percent of Deir Ezzor city was destroyed by air strikes launched by the US-led international coalition. According to the Russian military, the local authorities are ready to rebuild the city on their own, but there are not enough people for this.

The head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, Major General Oleg Goravlyov, announced earlier that the situation in the US-led coalition-held areas is getting more difficult.

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