Interior Ministry advises people not to leave home in gray


The Ministry of Home Affairs says that those who see gray in profile should not be released from their homes when they register with the Doha Eye Covid-19 hazard detection mobile app.

The ehteras app has been in force for many years now. Authorities have also begun a rigorous inspection to ensure that people are complying with the instructions. Qatar has developed its own app aimed at quickly identifying and preventing the spread of contact with Covid-19 patients. Covid-19 susceptibility was identified by green, beige, yellow, and gray.

Gray refers to people who have had symptoms or who have not had contact with patients or have not yet been tested. Therefore, it is advised that if the profile of the app is downloaded and the app is gray, they should be warned without releasing it. The green color indicates a healthy person or the test result is negative.

The yellow color represents those who are in the quarantine. The color of the shoulder indicates those who have been diagnosed with the test.

How to register

The app can be downloaded from the Google and Apple Play Store. After downloading, the app will prompt for the mobile number, Qatar ID number and Qatar ID expiry date. Once all this information is provided, a verification zip code will be sent to the mobile number provided. Registration will be completed once you log into the app using this zip code.

When the registration is complete, the page that displays the user’s health code and color tag showing the health status is displayed. The app works via GPS and Bluetooth. The app ensures that the user’s privacy is protected.

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