Interesting thing that Mohanlal doesn’t even know: says Balachandra Menon


Director Balachandra Menon with an interesting story that is not even known to Mohanlal. Balachandra Menon has revealed the famous story of Lal’s lawyer. Balachandran Menon also said that despite having lived in Thiruvananthapuram for many years and many friends among them, no one has ever felt so comfortable about making a movie with Mohanlal.

Balachandra Menon’s words:

Almost all the channels, NGOs and fan associations have called me for the last two days and asked for a message about Mohanlal’s 60th birthday. But I politely withdrew from it.

First of all, I have only collaborated with Mohanlal in a few films in Malayalam cinema. In the last four decades, there have been only a handful of meetings. Even though Mohanlal and I have lived in Thiruvananthapuram for a number of years and we have many friends, it has never been so good for anyone to have a movie with Mohanlal.

Why? I had a lot of ceremonies to celebrate in such a long time. Attempts were also made to get Lal to participate. But Lal’s inner circle has all been pierced into the bamboo. When my two friends are ready to meet me, I am not going to follow Lal. But I still feel the irony of a friendship that I and Lal had made in the last few days.

Whenever I see her at her mother’s meeting, surrounded by fans and needy people, Lal will make me happy with his pleasing laughter and his eyes.

I don’t mind a message that ends with a word: Let me give you a hint of something interesting that even Mohanlal does not know. On July 29, 2012, the Bar Council released me as a lawyer after a long tenure of ‘ten years’. But many years ago, in 1981, I became an advocate for Mohanlal in front of a scholarly audience, day and night, to express his acting skills.

My efforts, both in mind and body, are a story the world does not know. When I was convinced that Lal’s lot would be torn, I changed to the role of director. I was confronted with the problems that followed, only to be told it was more convincing. Therefore, “filmy Fridays” can be mentioned explicitly in SEASON 3. However, I am relieved that the performance without my lawyer, Lallary, helped in the beginning of a great actor. What’s even sweeter to share with me on a birthday!

Dear Lal, I know that today you are swelling with congratulations. But this is what you have achieved with your talent and hard work .You do not come with the form of a hero. But you made it into a puppet and made it a Mohanlal character. It’s not a simple matter. Did you not make the word ‘Lalaten’ a slogan among young people?

You are so lucky .. Fortunate … Older children who have had a lot of fun in their childhoods will say, “Dey do not learn …” To those who are interested in acting, we can proudly say Mohanlal … “Dey see and learn …”!

that’s ALL your honour!

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