‘Inspections of the Education Inspectorate at Haga Lyceum overheard’


The Cornelius Haga Lyceum allegedly overheard confidential conversations from the Education Inspectorate.

This writes NRC. The newspaper reports that an office in the school, where the inspectorate had conversations with each other, students and staff, has been tapped several times.

It NRC states that four sources around Islamic high school have seen the listening devices or heard recordings. The newspaper itself also says it has a recording.

According to the sources, school director Soner Atasoy kept an eye on what the inspection investigation focused on and what Haga employees said about him and the school. Atasoy himself denies that he has made recordings, but he says he does have them. “I got that on a USB stick, but I don’t know from whom.”

The Education Inspectorate says that during the investigation last year, it got ‘suspicions’ that the room was being tapped. After that, inspectors would have slightly adjusted their working methods at the Haga.


Last year, the Education Inspectorate conducted research into the Islamic school between March and May. The reason for this investigation was a warning from the AIVD intelligence service. The inspectorate subsequently wrote a critical report about the administration of the school, but found no indications that the school is striving for Salafist education, something GISS warned against earlier. The school board would, however, conduct financial mismanagement and citizenship education would not be in order.

Education minister Arie Slob then threatened to turn off the money tap and forced the school board to resign. At the beginning of this year, the judge decided that the board of the school should remain on. Slob’s measure would have been an “overweight”.

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