Insect Powder … a new product to provide athletes with adequate energy


A startup in South Africa aims to produce high-quality protein powder from worms for use in food and sports drinks by the end of this year.

According to Bloomberg, this will become the first company in Africa to manufacture insect protein for human consumption. Protein can be obtained from larvae sustainably as flies feed on waste, which reduces the need for landfills and helps to slow climate change.

                    Sputnik. Vitaliy Bezrukih

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Susentu, partly owned by Stellenbosch University near Cape Town, is seeking to raise 12 million rand ($ 683,000) this month to help it set up production facilities in Eastern Cape Province.

“It is the first round of financing. The powder has no taste or smell, it can be used in salty or sweet foods such as chocolate,” said Elsa Peters, a lecturer in the department of animal sciences at the university and one of the owners of the company.

The protein is of high quality, and a 10.374 sq.m. insect farm can produce 7,500 times more than a soybean farm of the same size, according to Asia. The new plant is expected to start production by December and will aim to harvest 30 tons of product per month.

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