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Resorts and holiday villages on the coast of Turkey such as Kusadasi, Bodrum, Izmir and others. the last few days have been overflowing with local holidaymakers.

The warm weather, the controlled loosening of epidemiological measures against COVID-19, the holiday for Ramadan, which started today, directed many citizens to the holiday villages.

A four-day curfew in Turkey over Ramadan Bayram

Health authorities have allowed adults over the age of 65, who have been banned from going outside since March, to travel to their private villas or homes with two escorts, BTA reported.

But travel outside Istanbul, Ankara and other metropolises, where another 4-day ban on leaving home has been in force since last night, is possible only with a special permit, which can be obtained electronically, and with their own transport.

According to media reports, more than half a million people have received permits to leave their homes. In Kusadasi alone, a famous resort on the Aegean coast, about 72,000 private cars have arrived in the past 24 hours from other villages.

At the entrance to the city, whose population outside the holiday season is about 120 thousand people, a 15-kilometer queue formed. Along the coast of Kusadasi there are hundreds of summer villas and holiday complexes along the 20-kilometer strip, which are filled with people. In Bodrum, Izmir and other coastal cities, villas and holiday complexes are also full of holidaymakers. At the same time it is mandatory to wear masks.

Police teams control not to gather many people in one place, to keep a distance. Violators are fined. Hotels and resorts do not accept visitors. Many hotels are also closed, except for those that have a health certificate, which this season will be mandatory for hotels to receive guests.

After Eid al-Fitr, hotels, beaches and restaurants are expected to be opened in stages and in a controlled manner for local tourists, but in compliance with hygiene requirements, social distance, thermal cameras and more. And by mid-June, international flights for tourists from abroad are expected to resume.

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