Infection of an English player with the Corona virus


Bournemouth FC said today, Sunday, that a second round of tests conducted by players and workers in the English Premier League confirmed that one of his players was infected with the highly contagious virus alongside another person.

The English Premier League said on Saturday that two new infections with the Coruna virus were found in two different clubs in the second batch of tests.

Bournemouth did not reveal the identity of his injured player, but stressed that he would be subjected to self-isolation for seven days in implementation of the instructions before undergoing another examination.

“Bournemouth can confirm that one of its players came as a result of a positive examination following the second round of examinations for the club,” Bournemouth said in a statement.

“And following the guidance set by the Premier League to resume training with precision, the club’s training centers remain a safe working environment for players and teams, and we will continue to undergo Corona tests twice a week,” the statement added.

Since the players returned to limited training in small groups last Tuesday, eight people were confirmed infected with the virus in the English Premier League clubs, and in the first round of tests conducted between 17 and 18 May this year, six people were infected, including Watford defender. Adrian Mariaba and Ian Won, Burnley assistant coach. According to “Reuters”.

The Premier League has been suspended since March, but the government has agreed to resume elite sports as of June 1, including the Premier League matches.

The Premier League hopes to resume the competition in June, but no date has been set.

The number of infection cases in Britain reached more than 250 thousand cases, while the number of deaths in the country was about 36 thousand cases.

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