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Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, who was in the eye of Indian fans with controversial remarks on the Karachi-Kashmir issue, stayed at his home for three months to train the Indian cricketer! Afridi has been training cricket for a while at Mirta Murtaza’s home in Anantnag province in Kashmir. Cricket Pakistan’s dotcom quoted Afridi as saying. Mir Murtaza, who stayed at Afridi’s house in Karachi for three months and then coached cricket, later returned to India.

Mir Murtaza, who is also an ardent admirer of Shahid Afridi, arrived in Pakistan via the Wagah border. Murtaza, who stayed there for three months, trained in cricket from Afridi. Praising the talent of Mir Murtaza, Afridi said he was willing to continue to help the youngster.

Mir Murtaza is a talented cricketer. No cricketer from any part of the world is happy to tell you the game. I welcome anyone interested in coming to me and studying. If Mir Murtaza wishes to come to me and learn more in the future, I will definitely help him. I can also provide him with the best training facilities he can. ”- Afridi

Mir Murtaza is the first person from my home in Kashmir to come to my house. He is a huge fan of mine. But also a great man. He is a hard worker in cricket practice. “I am sure he will succeed in his journey to his dreams.”

Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has come to the aid of cricketer, Mir Murtaza, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir

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