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South African tour in August

Indian cricket team to perform

After the IPL monsoon

It could be

MUMBAI: The BCCI has agreed to an invitation to tour South Africa in August for a three-day tour of the country, in the final phase of talks on the resumption of international cricket in Kovid. An official announcement on the matter will be made only after the approval of the government.

Meanwhile, the IPL, which has been postponed indefinitely, is scheduled for October and November after the monsoon. Earlier there were reports that the Indian team will be touring Sri Lanka in July. But the tour to India in March was becoming increasingly important for a series with South Africa that had to be abandoned halfway through.


Three T20s tour to Dakshina Africa at the end of August.

Before the tour, the players will be moved to the Green Zone and settled in Quarantine.

Arriving in South Africa can be quarantine on a certain day.

If the T20 World Cup in October and November is postponed, the IPL should be held at that time.

By then, the monsoon season in India will end.

The biggest challenge

The biggest challenge for the BCCI compared to the overseas tour is the domestic competition this season.

Over the course of the next October to May, over 2000 competitions will be held in different age group categories. Each team will have to travel from 50 km to 7000 km to compete. The BCCI has been suspending all matches since March.

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