Indian Army claims that Chinese army detention in Ladakh is baseless


Srinagar: Indian troops have denied reports that Chinese troops have detained soldiers deployed for patrolling in Ladakh. According to military sources, the rumors that the Chinese army has detained Indian soldiers are baseless.

It is rumored that the Chinese army has detained and detained a joint force of the Army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police deployed for patrolling in Ladakh. They were later released after a discussion at the local level, where they reportedly held up the arms of officers deployed for patrols. In this backdrop, the army came out denying the news.

“The situation in the state of Ladakh is between the two armies,” an Indian military spokesman said. Chinese soldiers are trying to infiltrate the Indian border. More motorboats are also being patrolled in Pangong Lake to create provocation. The Indian Army is also patrolling the area in the event of a tense situation. More troops have been deployed across the border, the spokesman said.

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