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∙ India-China Border Issue is on the rise Campaigning to boycott Chinese products has become widespread in the media. Indians also want to uninstall Chinese apps that include TickTok. This was followed by the launch of the app wave by a startup company in Jaipur.

Within Remote China Apps Mobile, a mobile app, went viral with over 10 lakh downloads in two weeks. Developed by the company One Touch App Labs, the app provides a UI (user interface) for locating and removing Chinese-built apps installed on users’ phones. The app was launched on the Google Play Store on May 17th. It is one of the most downloaded free apps on Play Store right now.

Wangchucka’s call

Indian entrepreneur Sonam Wangchuk last week called for a boycott of Chinese products. Magsaysay Award winner Wangchuck said that all Chinese software should be removed within a week and Chinese hardware within a year. He said he would drop his Chinese-made phone within a week.


The character Funsuk Wangdu, played by Aamir Khan in the super hit Bollywood movie ‘Three Idiots’, was inspired by Sonam Wangchuk. Our soldiers are fighting on the border. At the same time we are buying Chinese hardware. Using software such as TikTok. Through the billions of rupees we trade for them, they arm the soldiers and bring them to fight against us, ”Wangchuk said.

Video in the backdrop of the Himalayas became very popular in the media. China’s people are the most worried Chinese people. People are seen as workers to enrich the government without any human rights. After Kovid, the factories were locked and exports stopped. Unemployment is on the rise. If 130 crore people in India decide to give up Chinese products, it will be a global phenomenon. That’s good for our industry, ”Wangchuk said. Following Wangchuk’s call, actor and model Milind Soman announced he was leaving Tiktok.

India-China border

English Summary: ‘Remove China Apps’ Races To 1 Million Downloads; Gives Solution To Sonam Wangchuk’s Call

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