India eighth place behind Germany Covid 19 | Coronavirus


India ranks eighth in the world’s 10 most dangerous countries India has surpassed Germany to eighth place in terms of casualty figures, according to World Voice Report. Worldwide, 1,86,186 people have been infected so far, according to the World Health Organization. In Germany, there are 1,83,332 Covid infections.

India ranks ninth in the world in terms of number of cases France now leads India with 1,88,625 cases. The number of patients in the country is on the rise after the daily CVD examination increased to one lakh on average.

According to the Central Ministry of Health, there are 1,82,143 Covid patients in India. Of these, 89,995 were treated. A total of 86,984 patients were discharged from the hospital. 5164 people lost their lives. In the last 24 hours, 8380 new cases were diagnosed. This is the first time that more than 8,000 cases are reported in India in a single day.


Sunday was the highest in a single day in Bengal and Delhi. In West Bengal, 371 cases were reported while in Delhi 1295 cases were reported on Sunday alone. With this, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid in Delhi is 19,844

Fourth consecutive day, ‘Covid’ cases hit Delhi 473 people have died so far. Maharashtra has the largest number of cases of coronary heart disease in the country with 65,168 cases being diagnosed so far, Health Ministry data showed.


Tamil Nadu, the second largest city in the world, has recorded more than 1,000 cases in 24 hours. According to the Health Ministry, 21,184 people have been diagnosed with the disease so far. There is concern that the number of patients in the country is increasing dramatically when the phase-in lockdown is withdrawn.

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